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Road Marked Lines Remover

Road Marked Lines Remover
DY-MPR-I/II Road marked lines remover adopts tungsten steel knife head to removing road marking line, tape and bitumen and concrete on heave surface with high effect Milling-planing Type Removers and long service life. DY-RMR alloy knife type road mark lines remover is professionally used to clear away the broken, stained and wrong thermoplastic road paint marking lines. The imported anti-abrasion tungsten alloy cutter has speedy and excellent performance. DY-BR Lanes marking remover is professionally used to remove the cold paint road line, with the excellent performance, especially Steel-brush removers used for clean old road surface lines, cold road paint coating, waste oil, mud, and semi-loose sand, without destroying the road surface. Special rubber wheel with abrasion resistance, which equipped with imported high-speed bearing. Excellent performance Thermoplastic machine in cleaning old road surface lines, waste oil, mud, and semi-loose sand, with no road surfaces destroyed.

Road Marking Paint Removal Method
First brush some special paint thermoplastic paint on the old road surface lines.
After a few minutes, when the coating of old marking is soften, then start the machine to remove it.
When removing the hard waste you only need to start up the road lines remover directly.
1. The imported special steel knife body and tungsten steel knife head are suitable for removing many kinds of surfaces, especially for removing the Thermoplastic paint road marking.
2. The milling components can be quickly changed according to the different demands, having long service life.
3. The handle revolving depth adjuster adopts accurate pitch, which can accurately control the mining depth according to the needs.
4. Emergency stop device can effectively ensure the machine stop in time when out of control.
5. The tyres of whole machine are special abrasion proof modified rubber wheels.

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