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Cold Road Marking Paint

Cold Road Marking Paint

Cold Road Marking Paints are divided into water-based road marking paint amd cold solvent road marking paint. Water based road marking paint is suitable for bituminous and concrete roads. And it can be successfully applied to airless or road making equipment air auxiliary spraying. Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint cold solvent paint is consisted of modified acrylic resins, pigment filling and additive, generally used in city roads and common roads consisted of asphalt pavement and cement pavement. Low cost and convenient operation.

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1. Fast drying and relatiely good coating abrasion resistance: The road will be open to traffic after 10 mins for its fast drying, and can be maintained for over six months.
2. Good adhesion: There will be no stripping on the condition of assure the road surface is dry and clean and film thikcness before coating the paints on it.
3. Bright and beautiful: Bright in color and meet industry standard. Road Marking Paint with no yellowing, discoloring, cracking, but strong visibility.
4. Convenient construction: No special requirement for construction machine. Both machine marking and manual spraying are proper.
5. Brand Road Paints are made of high quality raw material, and its whole production processes road marking paints are finished by completely automatic production line, absolutely avoid quality defects caused by artificial operation, such as over large mixture ratio, unstable quality, and further make sure the road lines paint of high quality to customers.

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